Mainstream Advertising can have its focus on corporate,retail or product. Each has its own particular disciplines and demands. The key issue is to carefully define the primary task for each advertisement,or campaign. Then develop the right communications to achieve the desired goals…. always bearing in mind that if the target of your advertising does not notice your advertisement, it’s your money being wasted.

Blue Rock has the experienced, professional writers and designers to produce outstanding,resultful advertising. Whether it is for a company name change, a “come and get it” retail offer, or a product sold to specifiers, Blue Rock knows how to influence and motivate the prospect.

Client: Jackel
Product: Dylon Machine Dyes

An advertisement designed to launch a new range of dyes for washing machine useage.

Client: SE Timber
Product: Timber floors, shutters and blinds.

A retail advertisement designed to create store traffic.

Runaway Laundry Products

A consumer advertisement designed to emphasis Runaway's ability to solve “colour run” problems.

Product: Industrial Packaging

A trade advertisement designed to introduce Greif brand name to potential customers.